Thursday, April 28, 2011

Well hello again!

We are completely moved in now and enjoying our new apartment. The weekend we moved, we also went to 2 Dodgers vs. Cardinals games at Dodger Stadium, lots of fun, even if Cardinals only won 1 of the 2 we went to. Also, we celebrated my birthday, with a great day. First I woke up to a nice yummy breakfast with Scott, then went to Burke Williams Spa with Megan for some massages and Spa Pedicures! VERY nice! In the afternoon, we had some friends come over who Megan and I hadn't seen in 16 years! It was great to see them and Julie too! For dinner, we went with a great group to Dan Tanas and ate some delicious Italian food! Yum. I went and checked out the pool here yesterday with some cool girlfriends, it was very nice! Next up, Scott goes to China, and I go back to MA (and VT!) while he's away. We both leave Tuesday.
Here are some pics of our recent days here...I've been taking some pretty flower pics cause flowers are in FULL bloom here! (We also got a new couch and bed, pics included!)
Will write more (interesting stuff) soon!

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