Friday, May 29, 2009

May Goodness!

So here I am, in May... It feels like yesterday that I wrote that last entry, but it wasn't... it was OVER a month ago!!

We have had some GREAT visitors, Natalie came for 5 days, Amy came for 5 days... Nick was here for a weekend, and Bob for a couple random nights... lots of good company!

A few TV things to mention:

-Three cheers for 'GLEE' (Fox Fall '09) 
I watched the pilot and then it was shown back on the 19th after American Idol. I LOVE this new show. Again, as I love movies that root for the underdog, this show too wanted the "geeks" to come out on top.  Jane Lynch is an undeniable comedic force in this show, and her witty, stiff one liners are timed perfectly, especially when she says things like "You think this is hard, try living with Hepatitis, that's hard!" to a group of high school cheerleaders.  Lea Mitchell, who plays the lead, Rachel Berry, was incredible.  Not only did her singing blow me away, her humor was timed perfectly, and her quirky confidence is hysterical.  It made me laugh, and I even teared up a little at the end, when each character shined! I am anxious to see more, which is exactly where Fox wanted their Glee viewers to be after the pilot was shown...Well done! 

-'So You Think You Can Dance' is BACK! (Fox Thur. 8 pm)
Love, love, love this show! The beginning of every season is obviously, the auditions, which span out over the first few weeks' 2 hour long episodes.  Now, I am not a dancer myself, (so it's different than how I feel when I watch American Idol) but I appreciate and admire these dancers for their talent, hard work, and proven versatility throughout the seasons.  It's a must watch.  This show also brings in the best, most popular choreographers to train the dancers, and their routines are unforgettable.  Some of the dancers have had NO training and prove to be INCREDIBLE, it's very fun to watch.

... and Music

-First, 2 songs from Glee are available on Apple's itunes!
'Don't Stop Believin' (Yes, the Journey classic!) performed by the show's  main performers is SO SO good!!!

-Lenka (Sony's Epic Records, 2008)
Lenka's debut, self titled album is catchy, fun, and has funky lyrics that are fun to sing along to!  My favorites:  (1. The Show, 2. Bring Me Down and 8. Trouble is a Friend).  Her songs have also recently been featured on a bunch of current, popular television shows! 

Ok... enough for now!


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